Lisa Minucci

I have been a Sommelier for many years and have had the privilege of traveling extensively and obsessively throughout the most beautiful wine regions in the world.

I have found that where there is good wine, there is good food. And where there is good food and wine, there are beautiful arts and antiques devoted to these noble pursuits, and even sometimes created entirely for their exaltation and celebration.

Growing up in an Italian family, I was surrounded by good food. To this day, I still wake each morning asking “What shall we have for dinner?” I grew up to appreciate food, wine and its natural production. I hunt for bird and game, and butcher animals with friends so we have freezers full of meat and sausages. There’s usually a stock or sauce on the stove and something frying in the oven. I love to cook and I began collecting arts and antiques devoted to the culinary pleasures many years ago. It is a great thrill to be able to share my passion in the beautiful Napa Valley, where food and wine lovers from around the world come to visit, taste, and enjoy its beauty and hospitality.

I look forward to welcoming you to Heritage Culinary Artifacts within these pages. Page through our online offerings and gift registries, read about the trips on which I find the offerings on my blog, Morsels. As we all know, it’s the shopping that’s the fun part!.

I hope you find something delightful and unexpected.

-Lisa Minucci